Federation of Genealogical Societies



Operating Year: January - December 2016


President: Joshua Taylor
Vice-President: Admin: Kelly McCoulf
Vice-President: Development: Ed Donakey
Vice-President: Membership: Caroline Pointer
Secretary: Linda McCauley
Treasurer: Shellee Morehead


Director 2016: Rorey Cathcart
Director 2016: Paula Stuart Warren
Director 2016: Curt Witcher
Director 2017: Cherie Bush
Director 2017: Teri Flack
Director 2017: David E. Rencher
Director 2017: Randy Whited
Director 2018: Richard Cassell
Director 2018: Janice Fritsch
Director 2018: Mark Olsen
Director 2018: Cari Taplin
Director 2016: Vacant
Immediate Past President: Pat Oxley

Appointees and Contractors

Conference Advertising Manager: Stephanie Carbonetti
FORUM Advertising Co-manager: Vacant
FORUM Advertising Co-manager: Julie Tarr
FORUM Managing Editor: Julie Tarr
FORUM Associate Editor: Vacant
Historian: Paula Stuart Warren
Legal Advisor: Frederick Moss
National Archives Liaison: David E. Rencher
Office Assistant: Vacant
Web Administrator: Vacant

Standing Committees

Chair - Awards: Paula Stuart Warren
Chair - Budget and Finance: Shellee Morehead
Chair - Bylaws: Vacant
Chair - Conference Planning: David E. Rencher
Chair - Development: Ed Donakey
Chair - Education: Rorey Cathcart
Chair - Long Range Planning: Joshua Taylor
Chair - Marketing & PR: Caroline Pointer
Chair - Membership: Caroline Pointer
Chair - Nominating: Vacant
Co-Chair - Outreach: Stephanie George
Co-Chair - Outreach: Colleen Greene
Chair - Publications: Linda McCauley
Chair - Reviews: Caroline Pointer
Chair - Stern NARA Gift Fund: David E. Rencher
Chair - Technology: Randy Whited
Chair - War of 1812 Project: Curt Witcher
Chair - US-Mex War Database: Patricia Rand