Federation of Genealogical Societies

FGS 2014 Selection Process

Selection Process
FGS 2014 Conference Committee
The 2014 Conference Program Committee is providing the following general guidelines regarding the selection process as a supplement to the Call for Presentations to assist presenters in understanding how the final program will be produced. In doing so, the committee is not setting FGS policies regarding the program selection process, these guidelines simply reflect the factors that the members of the 2014 Program Committee will be using for the “Gone to Texas” 2014 FGS Conference.
  1. Presenters traveling more than fifty miles from San Antonio will be given higher consideration if they have a submitted a minimum of three presentation topics or more. This assists the program selection committee to stay within the stipulated budget guidelines established by the overall conference committee. Presenters living within the fifty-mile radius may submit fewer topics without any risk; single topics from this group will still be considered.
  1. Topics should be relevant to the subjects outlined in the Call for Presentations and presentations that have not been given previously at the national conference level will be given greater consideration. A previously given presentation should not be renamed to appear as a new topic without a substantial portion of the presentation having been reworked.
  1. The conference committee is looking to introduce new presenters to the national arena, and presenters who have not presented previously at a national conference may want to consider providing a recording, a copy of syllabus materials, or a letter of recommendation from a national speaker who has heard their presentations. These materials will not be returned.
  1. Submitting topics from multiple areas increase the chances of selection; however, there is no requirement to submit a topic for each area, and no one topic dictates consideration. For example, if you have no experience in sessions that would be presented on Society Management Day, this will not reflect on your potential to be selected. The reason submitting topics for multiple areas increases the chance for selection is that it adds variety to each track, and no one speaker dominates a particular track.
  1. For those submitting technical topics, innovative applications or approaches to solving tough genealogical problems are highly desirable. Submitters should illustrate in the submission materials that their presentation is up-to-date with the latest technologies and their creative approach to the topic.
  1. Since a presenter’s ability to accept an invitation to speak at the conference may have changed between the time they have submitted and the time when the invitations to present are made, invitations will be extended between 2 September and 20 September 2013. All submitters will receive notification of their selection or non-selection by 27 September 2013.