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Award Name Year  
Distinguished Service Award Joyce Buckland 1996
Certificate of Appreciation James L. Swarts 1996
Certificate of Appreciation William Freundlich 1996
Distinguished Service Award C. Richard Covault 1996
President's Citation Jan Hobbs 1996
Award of Merit Mary Lou Delahunt 1996
President's Citation Joyce Wilkinson 1996
Certificate of Appreciation Lowell Salyards 1996
Certificate of Appreciation Mary Frances Haskell 1996
Certificate of Appreciation Richard Halsey 1996
David S. Vogels, Jr. Award Curt B. Witcher 1996
Award of Merit Adlean Dr. Harris 1996
Distinguished Service Award A. Maxim Coppage 1996
Distinguished Service Award Louise Barkley Covault 1996
Certificate of Appreciation James A. Hall 1996
Award of Merit Iowa Genealogical Society 1996
Certificate of Appreciation Scott Chase 1996
Certificate of Appreciation Roy Thurston 1996
Distinguished Service Award Nancy Oster Heydt 1996
Certificate of Appreciation Jean Cody 1996
President's Citation Dean J. Hunter 1996
Distinguished Service Award Jeanne Lacy Pramaggiore 1996
Award of Merit Jan Haase 1995
Award of Merit Elsie Reusch 1995
President's Citation Michael St. Clair 1995
Award of Merit Mimi Lozano Holtzman 1995
Award of Merit Gary Iske 1995
Award of Merit Seattle Genealogical Society 1995
Distinguished Service Award Arthur H. Rubeck 1995
Certificate of Appreciation Jeanne Roth 1995
President's Citation Beau Sharbrough 1995
George E. Williams Award Dean J. Hunter 1995
Distinguished Service Award Clione Bieber 1995
Certificate of Appreciation Stephanie M. Graham 1995
Award of Merit Vivian Woodward 1995
Distinguished Service Award Myrtelle W. Molyneaux 1995
Certificate of Appreciation Wayne T. Morris 1995
Award of Merit Karen Clifford 1995
David S. Vogels, Jr. Award David E. Rencher 1995
Certificate of Appreciation Sarah Thorson Little 1995
Delegate Award Karen Clifford 1995
Award of Merit Phyllis Wolfarth 1995
Award of Merit Joyce Wiggins 1995
Distinguished Service Award Wendy L. Elliott 1995
Award of Merit Reisinger 1995
Award of Merit George F. Perkins 1995
Award of Merit Janice Cloud 1995
David S. Vogels, Jr. Award Ruth Keys Clark 1994
Award of Merit Monroe Juneau 1994
Certificate of Appreciation Karen Mauer Green 1994