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Award Name Year  
George E. Williams Award Karen Mauer Green 1994
Certificate of Appreciation Joanne Lovelace Nance 1994
Distinguished Service Award Fran Carter 1994
Certificate of Appreciation Tamara Rencher 1994
Certificate of Appreciation David E. Rencher 1994
Certificate of Appreciation Emily Rusk 1994
Certificate of Appreciation Janice Abercrombie 1994
Distinguished Service Award Peter W. Bunce 1994
Certificate of Appreciation Eric Grundset 1994
Distinguished Service Award Desmond Walls Allen 1994
Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern Humanitarian Award Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern 1994
Certificate of Appreciation Barbara Vines Little 1994
Award of Merit Virginia Genealogical Society 1994
Delegate Award Madilyn Coen Crane 1994
Award of Merit Afro-American Genealogical and Historical Society of Chicago 1993
Distinguished Service Award Karen Mauer Green 1993
Award of Merit Herman Radloff 1993
Award of Merit Cherokee County Genealogical Society 1993
Distinguished Service Award Dean J. Hunter 1993
Delegate Award Birdie Monk Holsclaw 1993
President's Citation Reisinger 1993
Distinguished Service Award Dorothy Maulin 1993
President's Citation David E. Rencher 1993
George E. Williams Award Gary Mokotoff 1993
Distinguished Service Award Elizabeth Rose Spencer 1993
Certificate of Appreciation Missouri State Genealogical Association 1993
Certificate of Appreciation Margaret A. Maulin 1993
Distinguished Service Award Ruth Horton Metzler 1993
Certificate of Appreciation Edward E. Steele 1993
President's Citation Carolyn D. Nell 1993
Distinguished Service Award Elsie Reusch 1993
Award of Merit McLean County Genealogical Society 1993
Award of Merit Jamesetta Hammond 1992
David S. Vogels, Jr. Award Sandra Hargreaves Luebking 1992
Certificate of Appreciation Jackie Meyer 1992
Award of Merit Maggie Von Kampf 1992
Certificate of Appreciation Willi Waltrip 1992
Certificate of Appreciation David McPhail 1992
Director's Award John Sittner 1992
Certificate of Appreciation Betsy Gottsponer 1992
Certificate of Appreciation Robert Charles Anderson 1992
Distinguished Service Award Curt B. Witcher 1992
David S. Vogels, Jr. Award Glade Ian Nelson 1992
Award of Merit Sharon DeBartolo Carmack 1992
Certificate of Appreciation Beverly Kappenman 1992
Distinguished Service Award Ruth Keys Clark 1992
Award of Merit Shirley B. Goerlich 1992
Certificate of Appreciation Dean J. Hunter 1992
George E. Williams Award David E. Rencher 1992
Award of Merit Jan Jennings 1992