Strategies for Societies

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S1-1: Legalities of Establishing a Society (Kaufman)

S1-2: The Policy and Procedure Manual (Kaufman)

S1-3: The Society Newsletter (Luebking)

S1-4: Projects for Fundraising (Luebking)

S1-5: Community Service Projects (Luebking)

S1-6: How to Run an Election (Carter)

S1-7: A First Families Project (Graham)

S1-11: Long-Range Planning (Rencher, Witcher & Warren)

S1-12: Is There an Office in Your Society's Future? (Rencher)

S1-13: Now That You've Attracted Those Members, Keep Them! (Slater-Putt)

S1-14: Get the Word Out! Hints for Publicity Chairs (Swisher)

S1-15: Volunteers: Finding Them & Keeping Them (Clifford)

S1-16: Creating Society Archives (Rubeck)

S1-17: The Society in Crisis! (Slater-Putt)

S1-18: Creating a Member Handbook (Frelinger)

S1-19: Time Management (Slater-Putt)

S1-20: A Publication Strategy for Societies (Clifford)

S1-21: Installation of Officers (Lindley)

S1-22: Editing and Proofreading Society Publications (Freilich)

S1-23: Five Steps to Organizing a Society (Luebking)

S1-24: Put Your Best Foot Forward: How Small Societies Get Noticed (Broglin)

S1-25: Access to Public Records: One Person Can Make a Difference (Rencher)

S1-26: Growing Your Society: An Outline of Ideas (Broglin & King)

S1-27: A Society Project: GPS Locating Cemeteries - Making Cemeteries Easy To Find (Kniebes)

S1-28: When Disciplinary Action is Required: An Outline of Procedure (King)

S1-29: Delegate ABCs (Broglin & Luebking)

S1-30: A Genealogist's Call to Legislative Action (King)

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