Lithuania loosens part of its privacy laws

Information from Howard Margol, President, Litvak SIG (Special Interest Group), an independent organization, part of the family has advised of the following changes in Lithuania’s privacy laws for records access.

Since Lithuania was no longer under the yoke of  the Soviet Union, the
privacy law of the Lithuanian Archives was 50 years for death records and 70
years for all other records. As of January 1, 2005  Lithuania was accepted as a
member of the European Union and had to adopt their  privacy law which was 50
years for death records and 100 years for other  records.

Several months ago, the privacy law was changed. We do not know what
triggered the change but it was a welcome change never the less. The 50 year
requirement on death records, and the 100  year restriction on birth records,
remained in place. However, the 100 year  restriction on marriage and divorce
records reverted back to the 70 year law.

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