Library of Michigan—RPAC launches petition drive

In meetings held during the Federation of Genealogical Societies/ Arkansas Genealogical Society Annual Conference in Little Rock this past week, the Records Preservation and Access Committee has initiated a petition drive in support of the Library of Michigan.


Genealogists from within and without Michigan are encouraged to sign the online petition found at


Additional background and the latest developments can be found at the web site of the Michigan Genealogical Council at: .  They may also suggest legislators to whom individual letters might be addressed at appropriate points in the legislative process.

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4 thoughts on “Library of Michigan—RPAC launches petition drive

  1. We use these resources regularly and would hope you can find a way to serve the many people who do likewise. Please don’t close the library, move the archives, or do anything that would reduce the access to these records. Many of us can’t travel, and would have great difficulty finding these again even if they were available from another site. These records and documents are very important to many thousands of people.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Michele Boyer

  2. I am hearbroken to learn that the Library of Michigan in Lansing may close in order to save money for the state. I for one am in the library frequently doing genealogy research. Surely there has to be other ways to save the State of Michigan money without hurting and majorly inconviencing so many.

  3. My sister makes special trips from Florida to Lansing on a regular basis to research our geneology and that of her husband. It is the only one in the United States wish such complete information. To close the doors to the citizens, in my opinion, would be to take away our constitutional rights.

  4. I hope that the administration who is interested in getting rid of these libraries that hold unlimited amounts of information to peoples families. Since starting my journey my father never knew too much about his roots. Since his death I have been able to build a legacy for my children and grandchildren to be proud of. Don’t get rid of these libraries

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