RPAC–New Legislative Year Challenges

With the start of the New Year, all genealogists and RPAC State Liaisons should be vigilant in watching for new legislation affecting the access and the preservation of the nations records of genealogical value. Over the next few weeks, legislatures will introduce a series of bills that may impact genealogists, either positively or negatively. We want to both support positive legislation with our communications of support and make our voices heard when we see instances of legislation that may put records or access at risk.


Many newspapers print summaries of the bills submitted. You may also go to your legislative websites and look at the bills being introduced.


PLEASE TAKE ACTION: To work together in the genealogical community, if you observe legislation that affects us, please alert the RPAC through your State Liaison, or directly if a State Liaison has not yet been appointed.


We are still actively seeking State Liaisons for a number of states and would welcome any recommendations you may have. We will then contact them and see if they are willing to serve.

Contact us at:  access@fgs.org



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