RPAC State Liaison Orientation

We continue to seek State Liaisons for a number of states and would welcome additional nominations.


What should they know about the role?


The following items may be useful:

(1)   Please see  “About RPAC” at that tab on this page.

(2)   The “State Liaisons” tab will take you to a page describing the key role of the Liaison

(3)   On the “Publications” tab is a “Draft State Liaison Presentation” developed for the use of liaisons as they see fit in explaining their role as they build a support network within their jurisdiction.

(4)   The “Strategy for Records Preservation and Access” tab leads to a FGS Strategy Paper addressing this topic.

(5)   Toolkit Video–With thanks to FamilySearch, Jan Allen’s presentation explaining the legislative and regulatory processes was videotaped after the Charleston session and is available at:


(6)   Also found at the “Publications” tab is The RPAC Brochure, a White Paper Executive Summary, and a full version of the RPAC White Paper.

(7)   Reviewing past posts on this blog may offer insight into some of our recurring issues.

For additional questions or to propose nominations, please contact us at:  access@fgs.org


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