Access to Virginia Vital Records — Oct. 6 deadline

The Virginia legislature is considering changes to Virginia’s laws on access to vital records which could either expand–or severely limit–research access to birth,  marriage, and death records.

Peter E. Broadbent, Jr., Former President of the Virginia Genealogical Society and others have been working with staff members of the Joint Commission on Health Care educating staff about genealogist’s need for these records.  He has shared the attached background information.

Memorandum to the Genealogical Community (Part 1)

In Peter’s words:

“Please see the attached memorandum regarding a Virginia staff report to a legislative commission, which threatens access to Virginia’s vital records.  It is critical that any genealogical researcher or lineage society leader provide comments on this issue to the legislative commission, and send this on to others in the genealogical community, and urge them to email or write the Joint Commission on Health Care, with all comments to be received by the October 6 deadline.”


RPAC endorses this suggestion and recommends that input consistent with the attached memorandum be provided by both societies and individuals.  Please email comments referencing SB 865 (with your name and address) to, or fax them to 804-786-5538, or mail to: Joint Commission on Health Care, P.O. Box 1322, Richmond, VA 23218, to arrive by close of business on Thursday, October 6, 2011. If you are out of state, you might explain that you do research in Virginia, and that closing records will discourage travel to Virginia for research.

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