Access to Virginia Vital Records — Oct. 6 deadline– Update

Memorandum to the Genealogical Community (Part 2)

An additional suggestion from Peter Broadbent for appropriate action by  individual members of the genealogical community and Societies:

“Several of you have asked me what else you can do, or who else you can write, besides the
JCHC designated staff contact for comments.
It would be helpful if you could write directly to the members of the Commission,
particularly if you have stories of VDH denying you or a client access to a grandparent’s records,
etc. (or email a copy of your comments to the Commission staff). ”

The attached memorandum identifies Senators and members of the House of Delegates who serve on the Joint Commission on Health Care, listing their areas and appropriate email addresses.

It would be appropriate for you to share directly with these members the comments on SB 865 you have provided to the Commission staff, particularly if you live in their district.

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