Access to Virginia Vital Records–SB865–Additional Letters Needed

 VGS Newsletter–Call for Letters

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Even though the official comment period to the Commission has closed, individual legislators will still pay attention to your emails received before November 22.

            Please take the time to send an email to the legislators who are on the Commission (at the email addresses below), emphasizing the need for reform of Virginia’s vital records.

            Messages to legislators should mention SB865, and ask legislators to support reform of Virginia’s vital records, at the November 22 meeting namely:

1.                  Family members (liberally defined) should be granted liberal access to “closed” records. 

2.                  Death certificates should become “open” public records immediately, not after 50 years (or longer).  There are no legitimate identity theft or privacy reasons to keep death certificates “closed”.

3.                  Once vital records held by VDH are no longer “closed”, VDH should turn over these public records of LVA and make them available to researchers.

4.                  Please thank Senator Blevins for leading this important reform effort.

This study may be the only opportunity for Virginia vital records reform in a generation; and there is a real risk that if enough genealogists or societies do not write Commission members and their own legislators, that the “closed” periods could actually be lengthened.

Additional background and the addresses of appropriate members of the Virginia Legislature are to be found by clicking on the link at the beginning of this post.





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