SSDI — House Ways & Means Committee Hearing 2 February 2012

RPAC 24 Jan 12 to HW&M

For the past several months,   RPAC members have been in
discussions with the House Ways and Means Committee Social Security
Subcommittee staff on the genealogical community’s needs for access to SSDI
including the Social Security Numbers [SSN], including providing them with
suggested legislative language addressing the concerns of using deceased
children’s SSN’s while still permitting legitimate users –including
genealogists–access to the SSDI. See the link to our materials above.   Several very prominent genealogists were lined up to testify on the hope that the genealogical community would be an invited testifier–even with only one representative. We were advised the
upcoming hearing would not be specific to any of the current bills in
Congress but rather to address the issues and what legislation should

IAJGS was the coordinator and the lead spokesperson with the Subcommittee
staff. As such IAJGS was advised by the Ways and Means Committee Social
Security Subcommittee staff on January 26 that due to their very limited
time and the issues growing more complex, they decided not to go with a
genealogist witness. They commented that we may submit testimony for the
record.  The decision as to who may be a presenter at a hearing is made by
the Subcommittee chairperson, in coordination with the ranking subcommittee
member and with subcommittee staff. The decision is not appealable.
The hearing information was posted to the House Ways and Means
Committee website–February 2 at 9:00 AM.

original url:

Please read the hearing advisory at:

original url:

For information on submitting a statement see:

original url:

Statements may be submitted through February 16- two weeks following the
hearing. How and where are located in the link immediately above.

Needless to say we are very disappointed that the genealogical
community was not invited to be a presenter at the February 2 hearing.
FGS, NGS and IAJGS are planning to submit statements.  As more information is made
available it will be posted to this forum.


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