SSDI–Their Vision for OUR Future

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 We encourage every genealogist to view the entire video of the 2 Feb Hearing before the Social Security Subcommittee of the House Ways & Means Committee found at:

BUT for a glimpse of the Administration’s vision of genealogical access to the SSDI, focus on the five minute segment beginning with Congressman Marchant’s question to SSA Commissioner Astrue near minute 26 and ending with the completion of the Commissioner’s answer to the Chairman’s follow-up question at 31:00.

This snippet is also available at:

If you are on the fence about signing the RPAC petition, this should be required reading.

Can you really find the information we get from the SSDI in other records?

Would you like to wait 75 years for the SSDI to become available to the public?

Would you like to wait 125 years for public access to birth records in every state?

Sign the We The People petition at   



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