Submissions for the Record –Social Security Subcommittee of House Ways & Means–2 Feb Hearing

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RPAC and its sponsoring organizations (FGS, NGS, IAJGS)  all submitted Statements for the Record supplementing the Social Security Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee hearing  2 February 2012 in response to a committee invitation to do so.

RPAC Statement for Record HWMC 16 Feb

FGS Statement for Record HWMC 16 Feb

NGS Statement for Record HWMC

IAJGS Statement for Record HWMC

We particularly appreciated supporting Statements for the Record submitted by other societies and uniquely qualified individuals, some of which have come to our attention.

Kenneth H. Ryesky Comments for Record HWMC

APG Statement for the Record

Massachusetts Genealogical Council Statement for Record

Virginia Genealogical Society

Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogists

We have all been outraged by reports of identity thieves filing fraudulent tax refund claims using the SSNs of recently deceased infants & adults.  Our strongest message is that the means to stop this particular form of identity theft exists now, without waiting for any additional legislation.

       As existing policy regarding public access to the Death Master File is reviewed, we urge that input from actual genealogists be sought.  The members of the Records Preservation and Access Committee stand ready to assist in arranging for that input to both the Executive and Legislative branches.

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