National Archives Announces Increase in Copying Fees Nationwide

With thanks to Jan Meisels Allen for the alert and Linda McCleary for the summary:

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) will be raising copying charges for the second time this year. The last increase was May 2012. The new fee schedule will be effective 01 October 2012.

The following fee schedule shows the current pricing and the future charges.


Old Fee

New Fee

Self-service paper-to-paper copies (all NARA facilities)

$.20 and $.25


Self-service microfilm-to-paper copies



Self-service paper-to-paper copies – color



Self-service book-to-paper copies



Self-service photo to photo (DC region only)



Self-service video copying session with tape – additional video tape



NARA Reproduction Services
Minimum reproductions order



Paper-to-paper (or CD/DVD) (up to and including 11″ x 17″)



Color paper-to-paper



Microfilm or microfiche to paper



Paper to microfilm



Microfiche duplication,domestic shipping



Microfiche duplication, foreign shipping



Expedited shipping



Digitized/Digital NARA Reproduction Services
Basic digitized scan – up to 8 ½″ x 14″



Born-digital files, 10 or fewer files

$15.00 per file

$17.00 per file

Born-digital files, 11 or more files

$13.00 per file

$14.00 per file

Fixed-Fee Orders
NATF Form 81: Order for Copies of Ship Passenger Arrival Records



NATF Form 82: Order for Copies of Federal Census Records



NATF Form 83: Order for Copies of Eastern Cherokee Application Files



NATF Form 84: Order for Copies of Land Records



NATF Form 85: Order for Copies of Federal Pension or Land Warrant Applications
Full Pension Application File – Pre–Civil War
Full Pension Application File – Civil War and Later (up to 100 pages)
Full Pension Application File – (each additional page after 100)
Pension Documents Packet
Bounty Land Warrant Application


NATF Form 86: Order for Copies of Military Service Files $25.00


Accessioned Draft Registration Card (minimum reproductions order does not apply) $5.00


Accessioned Naturalization Record (minimum reproductions order does not apply) $7.50


Archival Official Military Personnel Files (OMPFs), 6 or more pages $60.00


Archival Official Military Personnel Files (OMPFs), 5 or fewer pages $20.00


Archival Official Personnel Folders (OPFs), 6 or more pages $60.00


Archival Official Personnel Folders (OPFs), 5 or fewer pages $20.00


Self-service copies will be $0.25 per page at all NARA facilities. NARA-made copies will be $0.80 per page. Fees for reproductions not listed will be unchanged; current fees are online []. For more information on NARA’s fees, fee calculations, payment and refund policies, see the Code of Federal Regulations 36 CFR 1258 online at

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