House Oversight Committee 29 Nov Hearing: ID Theft and Tax Fraud

With thanks to Ken Ryesky:

Yesterday (29 November 2012), the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform held a hearing entitled “Identity Theft and Tax Fraud: Growing Problems for the Internal Revenue Service, Part 4.”  The webpage to the Hearing is at <>, and has links to the testimony of the witnesses.


Beth Tucker, IRS Deputy Commissioner for Operations Support, stated that the IRS is “collaborating with the Social Security Administration and other parts of the Administration on a potential legislative change to the practice of routine release of the Death Master File.”




The bad news is that the written statement of National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson includes a 3-page treatise on the Death Master File (aka SSDI) and why its access should be limited.   The good news is that, in reference to the financial and emotional tolls imposed upon grieving parents by perpetuators of the dead baby scam, Nina states that “Legislation could relieve survivors of [the] burden by simply delaying release of the information for several years.”  Not genealogical paradise, but a bit less draconian than prior stances Nina has taken.


<> or <>

More to come.

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