Oregon Update– House & Senate action on HB2093

Genealogists join with funeral directors, State Archivists, Circuit Courts and Council of local Health Officials to change legislative proposal that would have extended  confidentiality periods of vital records.  Chairman questions need for confidentiality of vital records.

Audio of House Health Care Committee Markup [Note Chairman’s remarks at 6:20 of hearing]

0410 Oregon HB2093-4

RPAC Statement to Oregon House Health Care Committee

Oregon state vital records statement final

With thanks to Jan Meisels Allen  for the following narrative:

House Committee Markup On April 10th

I don’t know how many of you listened in to the hearing or accessed the audio only archives—but we won! The hearing was only on the amended version I sent out earlier today —4  and is attached again which keeps the birth records at 100 years, and death, marriage, divorce, annulment and partnership at 50 years.  See Section SECTION 33. ORS 432.121 (7a)  (page 73)   It also removes the restriction on cause of death that is in the existing statute.   See Section SECTION 33. ORS 432.121 (3)  [page 69] in the italicized ( redacted) portion and nothing comparable in the new language (bold)  page 70-71.


The  person presenting the bill was Jennifer Woodward, state registrar for public records and she mentioned that the amended version was a gut and stuff- but 80% of the bill was current statutory language.  She emphasized while the amendments accommodated the funeral directors, state archivist, council of cites and genealogists and emphasized genealogists.  There were two genealogists that testified—they had originally opposed the bill but dropped their opposition to the bill with the amended version. The Chairman said he doesn’t understand the privacy concerns and for another day would like to get down to 0-1 year wait period!  The bill goes straight to the House floor- could be as early as this Friday or next Monday and then to the Senate Health Committee. I spoke with the staff following the hearing and a letter of support to the amended version to the Senate Health Care and Human Services Committee would be worthwhile. Contact information is available at: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2013R1/Committees/SHH/Overview


If you want to hear the archives go to: http://www.leg.state.or.us/listn/ scroll down to archives 2013 and then Archives of Committee Meetings from the 2013 Session then House Committee on Health Care with today’s date—you  need to download RealPlayer- its free and there is a link on the site. You can move the time to 37.30 for the bill we are interested in and the full time and testimony and vote ends by 47.1.

Senate Committee Action —  Floor vote pending as of May 10th

Oregon HB 2093A (as amended and passed in the House as we supported it)  was heard in the Oregon Senate Health Care and Human Services Committee on May 9.  Looking at the legislative website it passed 4-0 ( one committee member was excused). It is now waiting to be sent to the floor of the Senate for vote and with no unexpected occurrences it should pass and go to the governor for signature.  The bill as it was passed –no changes from the House is located at: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2013R1/Measures/Text/HB2093/A-Engrossed the issue we are interested in is on page 42.



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