Death Master File (SSDI) Comes Out of Obscurity!

Roughly two years ago the parents of recently deceased children began finding that the IRS was rejecting  their legitimate tax returns because the identities of their children had previously been used by thieves to claim fraudulent refunds.  Prior to those events, it is unlikely that these parents (or most legislators) had even heard of the Social Security Death Index (aka the Death Master File) nor the role it should play in preventing such predations.

The inclusion of provisions that might limit access to the DMF in the Bipartisan Budget Agreement recently adopted by the Congress, has encouraged the press to begin to try to explain what it is and how it functions for good and ill.

a.  “Death Master File reform breathes life into U.S. budget deal

b. Newsweek Article with a Zombie theme

c.  The American Thinker article by Ken Ryesky

d.  Commerce Department DMF Web Site{2971715F-6653-44F1-B103-048162A287F2}&SP=2

Please take advantage of (and seek out) every opportunity to share with your elected representatives the message “WHEN USED, the DMF should prevent fraud, not cause it ! ! ! !”

Congressional State and District Work Periods scheduled in January might be a good time to schedule a visit with your Senators and Representatives in their local offices.


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