The Death Master File Paradigm — Introduction

Part of the lasting legacy left by the late Dr. Stephen Covey may be memorialized in his nine minute discussion of the concept of paradigms and paradigm shifts found in the video at: .

Our understanding of how the provisions of Section 203 of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 came about  limiting access to the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File (also known as the Social Security Death Index) DMF/SSDI  may be enhanced by using Dr. Covey’s explanation of a paradigm as a frame of reference.  A nearby posting gives notice of the current opportunity for the public to comment upon a proposed final rule implementing this statute before the 29th of January.

In coming days I intend to post a series of articles to the RPAC Blog acknowledging the need for a paradigm shift in addressing the issues surrounding the issues of tax fraud by identity theft and possible abuses of the SSA’s Death Master File.

Interested readers will be well advised to invest the nine minutes required to review this video.  My thesis is that we may have tried to navigate the streets of Portland using a mislabeled map of Seattle (an observation that may make more sense after viewing Dr. Covey’s instruction.)

Please check back.

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