Library of Michigan — Good News

With thanks to Cynthia Grostick, Michigan RPAC State Liaison.

The Library of Michigan will expand its hours and services to better serve Michigan citizens and state government as announced in a recent News Release.


Few topics have demanded the concern and attention of the entire genealogical community as much as the critical developments accompanying this issue in the years since 2009.

Threats to our access to records have taken many forms but particularly vexing in recent years have been those threats arising out of the fiscal crisis.  From every corner of the country we have seen library and archive budgets slashed, hours curtailed, and severe staff reductions.

The very survival of some of our best resources has been threatened.  In addressing a $2 Billion deficit in the Michigan budget, then Governor Jennifer M. Granholm issued an executive order in July 2009 which abolished the Department of History, Arts and Libraries. There was a proposal that surfaced in the summer of 2009 that would have dismantled the Library of Michigan, scattered the materials gathered over 180 years occupying 27 miles of shelving and turned the building into an interactive museum and a magnet school.

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