RPAC at RootsTech 2016

The RootsTech 2016 Conference held last month in Salt Lake City has grown in the last six years to become the largest family history themed gathering in the United States, if not the world.  Although I have not seen the final “official” attendance numbers, the last number I recall hearing was in excess of 24,000.

The Records Preservation and Access Committee announced  the launch of the Records Advocate Blog on this occasion, a resource designed to alert subscribers of state, federal and international access issues throughout the year which may impact our family history research.  This and other pending topics were described in the attached flyer distributed at the FGS and IAJGS Booths in the Exhibit Hall and on other occasions.  RootsTech 2016 RPAC Flyer (002)

I was also privileged to deliver a presentation entitled “Closing Death Records: ‘Silver Bullet’ or Dead End?”  Among the more pleasant surprises coming out of RootsTech was that the rehearsal for my Friday  presentation which was videotaped on Thursday was subsequently displayed with the same accessibility as if it had been planned as part of the RootsTech video schedule all along.  I intend to continue to polish this presentation highlighting the folly of “Closing Death Records” and to seek every available forum to share that message.  http://www.rootstech.org/video2/4739709016001

UPDATED LINK TO Video:  https://www.rootstech.org/videos/fred-moss

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