RPAC at FGS Springfield 2016

The Federation of Genealogical Societies is celebrating its 40th Anniversary as a featured theme at its Annual Conference this week in Springfield, Illinois.  On this occasion, the Records Preservation and Access Committee is presenting a workshop session entitled “Striking a Balance Between Records Access and Privacy”  Thursday Afternoon the 1st of September at 3:30pm CDT in Room B1 of the Springfield Conference Center.

As genealogists we want access to all our ancestors’ records but as individuals we want information about ourselves to remain private.  Should the records of the living all be protected and the records of the deceased all be available?  At this session we will discuss many examples of records which are closed to access and other open records which may be closed in the future.

The syllabus for this session is found at:  RPAC at FGS Springfield 2016

The PowerPoint slides for this session will be posted to the Publications page of this Blog the morning of the session.


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