SSDI Call to Action Kit

SSDI Call to Action Kit

Record Preservation and Access Committee

Your help is needed to help Save the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) as an accessible resource for the genealogical community and others. Here are ways that you can help:

1. Educate yourself on why saving the SSDI is so important to the genealogy community!

– Please see the SSDI FAQ at

– Watch the video of the 2 Feb Hearing before the Social Security Subcommittee of the House Ways & Means Committee found at For a glimpse of the Administration’s vision of genealogical access to the SSDI, focus on the five minute segment beginning with Congressman Marchant’s question to SSA Commissioner Astrue near minute 26 and ending with the completion of the Commissioner’s answer to the Chairman’s follow-up question at 31:00. If you are on the fence about signing the RPAC petition, this should be required reading.

– View the Got Records? Threats to Genealogy Records Access video at featuring RPAC member Jan Meisels Allen. This is a good overview of RPAC and the issues confronting access to the SSDI and other records.

2. Sign the We The People petition at

If you are experiencing problems with registering at the website or signing the petition, please see Most issues with the petition can be solved by closing your browser window, opening a new browser window and clicking once you’ve registered with the website.

3. Fax and email letters to Congress!

Download a sample letter at  (Microsoft Word) or at (PDF) and read the instructions carefully. Your efforts will be more effective if you:

– fax a copy of your letter to Congressman Sam Johnson, chair of the House Ways & Means Committee.; and

– email copies of your letter to your own Representative and Senators.

4. Help get the word out to others!

– Post the link as part of a Status Update on Facebook if you have a Facebook account. Also, don’t forget to post to any Facebook pages or groups to which you are subscribed, including genealogical societies!

– If you use Twitter, include the link and briefly explain why signing the petition is important. The hashtag for this campaign is #openssdi.

– Consider putting the link in your email signature to let others know about the petition.

5. Ask questions! RPAC is here to help!

For further information, contact RPAC at

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